YSSA September Newsletter: Member Spotlight


InjureFree has partnered with Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program, a fellow Alliance member, to help standardize reporting, accurately track injury statistics, analyze trends, and prevent further injury in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Since InjureFree tracks health care and emergency room visits, Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program will be able to quantify the financial impact of athletic trainers.

InjureFree is a product of the Agency for Student Health Research. The web-based injury reporting platform was created in response to the rising concern for athlete safety and the long-term effects of concussions.  After a four year development project, the HIPAA and FERPA compliant software and mobile app reporting platform is now collecting injury reports across the world.

InjureFree was designed to be a solution for organizations working to improve athlete care and is focused on providing stakeholders and caregivers a tool for the future.  In use at the youth sports, high school, college and pro levels, InjureFree provides a secure line of communication and creates a virtual “connected care eco-system” between all caregivers.  The data collected is being used by administrators to improve health outcomes within their populations and collectively throughout the world.

InjureFree is partnered with organizations across the country to streamline medical care for youth athletes. More information on the app and all that they are accomplishing can be found at www.InjureFree.com



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